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Planning & Zoning/ Property Management & Code Enforcement

To maintain the condition of existing buildings, a well-organized code enforcement program has been established. Property owners are notified of possible violations, given an adequate amount of time to correct them and, if necessary given citations. However, an overwhelming majority of property owners respond positively to the initial warning and correct any infractions without further action. 

Your City government exists for the primary purpose of providing a well-structured and professional organization to deliver quality municipal services to you the Forest Park Citizens. Forest Park government has a commitment to make this City the cleanest, safest, and most livable City in America. We respectfully refer to this campaign as FP2 Forest Park Pride. All of the City Departments, Police, Fire, Administrative, Public Works, Recreation and Leisure Services, Fleet Services, and Planning, Building & Zoning have united to collectively pursue this mission. We need your help. We can only realize this commitment through a concerted effort or partnership with each Forest Park Citizen. This is our City, and we share in the responsibility of maintaining and improving the livability of Forest Park. In order to mitigate the negative influences brought about by property maintenance neglect, the City has enacted a division of Planning, Building and Zoning called Code Enforcement to ensure code compliance. 

Code Enforcement's mission is to: Administer and implement equal and effective enforcement of the City's codes, ordinances, and standards pertaining to the construction, alteration, renovation, and utilization of building and structures within the City. To protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens by mitigating and eliminating unsightly, unhealthy and dangerous environments as defined by zoning, health and housing code. 

Forest Park is a City comprised of 9.3 square miles, 5,500 residential and 2,000 commercial properties and over 80 miles of roadway. In order for effective and efficient code compliance coverage of this area, we are counting on you the Forest Park Citizen to partner with us. Let's join together as one team to provide Forest Park's neighborhoods and business communities with the best code compliance possible in order to maintain and improve the quality of life and property values in our community with reference to appearance, health and safety. If you would like more information concerning Forest Park's Code Enforcement policies, procedures and duties, as well as to receive copies of ordinances and regulations, please visit our office; Department of Planning, Building and Zoning located at 785 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, Georgia 30297 (just east of City Hall) or phone us at 404-608-2300. To forward comments please call: Department of Planning, Building and Zoning at 404-608-2300 or the Citizen Solution Line at 404-366-1555.

A couple of options exist for reporting a Code Violation:

Telephone Option:
During regular business hours, you may call the Planning, Building and Zoning Department at 404-608-2300.
For police emergencies, please dial 911.

Online Option:
The City of Forest Park also offers an online service request option for you to report a variety of issues, including code violations. For a complete list of reporting options, please use the link below.

24 Hour Online Service Request